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Back pain can be caused by many activities from lifting to posture to sleeping positions.  Chiropractic adjustments can help with your back pain.
Mar 11th, 2024

Tailbone Pain/Coccyx Pain

Tailbone pain can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. It can prevent you from sitting for any period of time and keep you from getting comfortable at night when you go to sleep.
Apr 3rd, 2023

What to do after an accident?

Getting in to see Dr. Steven Perry, D.C. soon after your accident allows him to evaluate you and help you on your road to healing. If you decide that filing a case is right for you, then this is an important step in your legal journey as well.
Jan 19th, 2023


Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease of your central nervous system that can cause debilitating pain that spreads throughout every part of the body.
Dec 14th, 2022

Chronic Neck Pain

Do you suffer from chronic neck pain? Bad posture, stress, improper sleeping or daily activity can contribute to this pain. However, there is more to neck pain than soreness or stiffness. It can be a continuous pain that can debilitate you.
Oct 24th, 2022
Trigger Finger - What can you do???


When one of your fingers is stuck or “catches” in a position making it difficult to type on your phone or hold something in your hands, you may have a trigger finger.
Sep 20th, 2022

Car Accidents Injuries

After getting into a car accident, it’s important to get checked as soon as possible to attend to your health and injuries.
May 24th, 2022

To “B” or not to “B”

B complex is all of the eight B vitamins.  It is the energy vitamin and sometimes called the metabolite vitamin. 
Apr 27th, 2022

Frozen Shoulder

DO YOU HAVE A FROZEN SHOULDER? Do you wake up in the morning with deep pain in your shoulder? This may have been going on for weeks or even months. This is an unusual pain. It is not your typical muscle or soft tissue injury.
Apr 8th, 2022


Nowadays, stress is a regular part of our daily lives. This stress affects each one of us differently and the stress has different effects on our bodies. 
Mar 9th, 2022

Some Easy Tips For You

Repetitive work, prolonged sitting at the computer for hours, weeks, months, and years are contributing factors to our poor health in the past. Repetitive activities including poor posture have devastating effects on our health.
Sep 21st, 2021

How to Help Your Knees

Wearing good supportive shoes will help.  If you are flat footed, it can affect the pain in your knees but also can give you pain in your back and hips.  If need arises, orthotics can help. 
Jun 14th, 2021

Chiropractic Myth Busters

With so much false information out there, it's tough to pinpoint what's real and what's false. Until now!
Sep 1st, 2020

Got headaches?

Frequent headaches or migraines can disrupt your daily life, but chiropractic care could be a solution
Apr 27th, 2018

Auto Injury and Medical Payments

If you're injured in a car or bike accident and need chiropractic care, there may be more options that you think to get the pain relief you need.
Mar 28th, 2018
Occipital Neuralgia

Occipital Neuralgia

Occipital Neuralgia is a condition is painful that causes neck pain.  The occiput nerve is the nerve that runs from your neck to your head, usually one sided.
Feb 19th, 2024
Back to School

Back To School Blues

It official!  Back to school!  New school supplies, new wardrobe and maybe a new back pack.  A great addition to your back to school routine is to take care of your spine with chiropractic care.
Sep 16th, 2019

An Unlikely Pair: Wallets and Back Pain

Have you ever thought that having a wallet or wads of cash in your back pocket could give you back pain? If you answer yes to that question, I suggest you find someplace else to carry your money than stuffed into your back pocket.
Aug 1st, 2019
pregnanant woman in dress

Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

Is Chiropractic care safe for pregnancy? YES! Chiropractic is a non-drug approach to help your body feel better, whether you are experiencing neck or back pain or nausea or out of sorts, chiropractic care is a good choice.
May 18th, 2019
Male tennis player adjusting band on his elbow

Not so funny “funny bone”!

Commonly referred to as "tennis elbow", this type of pain and discomfort can be a nuisance in your daily life. How do you know when its time to see a doctor for your elbow pain or a pinched nerve below the elbow? Numbness and tingling are some early signs!
Apr 29th, 2019
Young woman working on her laptop

Ergonomics for Tablets and Lap Top Computers

Today everyone is on their tablets and lap top computers. Time spent looking down at your lap top or tablet puts excessive stress on your neck and upper back. These ideas may help you avoid pain and injury...
Mar 1st, 2019

The Do’s and Don’ts  of Lifting

Don’t: Just pick up a load.  Do: Test the load and if too heavy always ask for help. Don’t: Just lift.  Do: Plan and inspect your path making sure there is nothing impeding you.
Feb 1st, 2019

Auto Accidents and Your Health

Getting into an auto accident can literally be painful to your body!! Your body absorbs the force and after an accident you can have headaches, back or neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, jaw pain, hand pain and ankle pain.  You may experience whiplash as
Jan 11th, 2019

Medical Payments

Dr. Perry is well-versed in the medical payment and insurance world. You may be covered more than you think!
Dec 4th, 2018