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Are Orthotics Right for You?


Have you ever been told you are flat footed? Do you have foot pain, back pain and knee pain?  Your flat foot could be the cause of your pain as your feet are your foundation. If your foundation is not proper, it puts undue stress on your feet, knees, and spine.  If you don’t balance this “foundation” you can have chronic feet, knee pain or spine pain that will not go away with care and it may lead to bunions or plantar fasciitis. Sometimes a minor change to balance your foundation with a foot bed orthotic can have a major impact on your life.  Many of my patients that are fitted with orthotics get significant relief and are able to be more physically active. Custom orthotics can be very expensive so that can be a financial burden. I can provide my patients with an alternative to custom orthotics. Please give my office a call today, Dr. Steven Perry, D.C. in Tarzana, CA at(818)881-2225 to schedule a consultation and see what changes can help you to on the road to less lower back pain and knee pain.

Dr. Steve Perry D.C.

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