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The cold can make your bones and joints stiff and achy. If you stretch well and often this may help. You should exercise to make yourself move! If you dress warmly this will help your bones and joints.  Dressing in layers may help.

Having layers on ensures you can take things off as needed throughout the day. Being overheated can cause problems as well.

 The soft tissue in and around the joints may become more inflamed as air pressure drops, and the muscles may shrink somewhat. This can cause nerve, ligament, and connective tissue pressure. If you find your joints ache more in the cold or rain, this is why.

You may not have thought you needed the chiropractor as often throughout the summer months. You may have felt great, enjoying lots of outdoor activities and soaking up the sun. Once the cold starts to set in, however, you might experience achy joints and more discomfort than you'd like. You can see a chiropractor to determine if the weather is the problem or there's other reasons for your struggles. Regular care throughout the fall and winter may be recommended if you notice a significant difference between your joints in the cold season compared to the warm.

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