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What does low back feel like?

Low Back Pain

Low back pain can just appear out of nowhere. Low back can be a dull or sharp achy pain.  The pain can be located in the sacroiliac joints called SI joints.  The pain can travel to the thighs.  With low back pain there may be associated muscle spasms and tightness. There can have a radiation of symptoms down the leg or legs.  The low back pain can be a gnawing pain located in the lateral part of the calf.  It can radiate to the bottom of the foot with a numbness, or tingling sensation.  It can radiate to the big toe. Low back pain can be debilitating.  Low back pain can stop you from performing your daily activities or prevent you from getting a good night’s rest.  It may be difficult to stand or sit or lie down or be difficult when changing positions.  If you are having any of these symptoms and would like to have them checked out by our chiropractor Dr. Perry, please give our office a call and schedule a free consultation and examination at (818)881-2225.  It’s time to get rid of your back pain.


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