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Non-reimbursable med-pay offers the best way to maximize the net recovery in a personal injury case. Buy it for you and your family. Buy enough of it. And buy it in advance of an automobile accident.


Does your own automobile insurance policy have the kind of medical coverage known in the insurance industry as “med-pay”? Is the med-pay reimbursable? What kind of care do you get and what is the amount of money you’ll receive as a settlement?


Without med-pay, your car insurance pays none of the medical bills.

Unlike med-pay where the coverage on the day of the accident remains in effect, health insurance coverage can vanish if, for example, you are laid off or become an independent contractor.

HMO’s and PPO’s may provide excellent care for major illnesses or catastrophic injuries, but for musculo-ligamentous sprains and strains the treatment is generally limited to pain killers and muscle relaxants. They offer little, if any, physical therapy or chiropractic treatment. And they provide only the most restricted access to neurological or orthopedic specialists, or to MRI or CT diagnostics.

With med-pay, you do not have to deal with “gate keepers.” You are not limited in the type of treatment you seek or the particular doctor you can select. You are free to choose chiropractic treatment over other modalities, as well as the particular chiropractor with whom you wish to treat.


How do you buy non-reimbursable med-pay?


You have to ask for med-pay by name, ask for it to be non-reimbursable from a personal injury recovery, and ask for limits of $5000 or more. If your insurance company does not provide this type of coverage, do no hesitate to go elsewhere.

Many will not offer med-pay coverage unless you ask for it and, when you do, may try to convince you that you do not need it, because you already have health insurance through work.

But health insurance does not compare with non-reimbursable med-pay.


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