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Happy New Year From Your Local Tarzana Chiropractor Dr. Steven Perry


Happy New Year!  At the beginning of the year we make new year’s resolutions.  These resolutions many times have to do with health, self-care, and physical wellbeing.  This year we wish you an abundance of health and wellbeing!  We at the office of Dr. Steven Perry can help you accomplish these health resolutions by helping your body heal itself. 

Chiropractic adjustments improve spinal motion and improve your body's physical function.  Spinal manipulation creates movement in the facet joints of the spine, which helps decrease pain and improves spinal motion and physical function to the joints.  Dr. Steven Perry’s care goes beyond adjustments to help you meet all of your physical health goals and needs.  In addition to adjustments, we treat patients through non-surgical spinal decompression therapy for individuals with herniated discs. We have electrical muscle stimulation to help relieve pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms; massages to help with pain and spasms; and kinesiology taping to support injured areas during their recovery. With these techniques, we have found a great success in treating an array of different musculo-skeletal conditions such as neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, whiplash, sports injuries, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, hip pain, knee pain, ankle sprains and many more conditions.

Let us help you keep your New Year’s resolutions by helping your body heal itself. Give us a call at (818)881-2225.  We are close to Woodland Hills, Reseda, Van Nuys, and Sherman Oaks.

Dr. Steve Perry D.C.

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