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Shoulder Pain Specialist

Steven B. Perry, D.C.

Chiropractor located in Tarzana, CA

Shoulder pain can be either a sudden injury or a chronic one. Tarzana, Encino, and Woodland Hills adjacent residents who struggle with shoulder pain can get help with the pain by seeing experienced local chiropractor Dr. Steven Perry.

Shoulder Pain Q&A

Why Does Shoulder Pain Happen?

Shoulder pain can have a variety of different causes. One of the most common causes is accidents, including workplace injury and auto accidents. Some shoulder pain develops over time due to repetitive motions. This is especially common among people who work in jobs requiring physical labor. The problem behind shoulder pain may be an internal one such as a pinched nerve or a dislocation.

How Long Is Too Long for Shoulder Pain?

If the shoulder is causing discomfort for more than a couple of days, it is important to have it examined by a medical professional. If shoulder pain is severe or gets stronger with any movement, prompt treatment is especially essential. Many people who have shoulder pain experience restricted the range of motion, as well. In this case, even a week of pain and inability to move is often just too much. Most shoulder pain will not go away without treatment, and in fact, it will often worsen unless addressed promptly.

How Can Chiropractic Help Relieve Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is often greatly reduced or even entirely eliminated with chiropractic adjustments. The chiropractor can make sure that the shoulder is gently moved into its ideal position, which will relieve the pressure that is causing the pain. Upper back and neck adjustments are often extremely helpful for shoulder pain patients as well. The chiropractic care provider may also prescribe other non-invasive treatments, including heat therapy, ice therapy, muscle stimulation, exercises, myofascial release, Kinesiology taping, and ultrasound therapy. These treatments are highly effective for natural pain relief.Exercises given can also be done at home each day and take only a few minutes at a time. The chiropractor will explain and demonstrate exercises that will help the patient build strength so that the shoulder is less likely to have the same type of problem in the future.