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Got headaches?

Many people get headaches or migraines at least once a month and others get them daily.  Some headaches are sinus in nature. Others are sharp and intense. Sometimes, they may feel dull and throb.  The cause of the headaches may be different, but headaches cause a disruption to your life. It may make it difficult to concentrate. 

The headaches may be triggered by certain foods, stress, high blood pressure, caffeine, neck tension or cervical or spinal misalignment or it may due be poor posture, clenching your teeth, certain repetitive motions of the neck or even improper sleeping position.

Chiropractic is an option that may be able to help with your headaches or migraines and Dr. Steven Perry has had success with his patients who suffer from headaches. Spinal manipulation can help realign the vertebrae and takes the pressure off the nerve that causes the headaches. If you suffer from headaches, please give our office a call and ask for a free consultation to see if Dr. Steven Perry, Chiropractor in Tarzana can help you with your headaches.  Call us at (818) 881-2225 and say goodbye to your headaches.

Dr. Steve Perry D.C.

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