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Kinesio Taping Specialist

Steven B. Perry, D.C.

Chiropractor located in Tarzana, CA

Kinesio Taping Q & A

What is kinesio taping? 

Kinesio taping is a technique that helps provide functional support and stability to muscle fibers and joints to help with pain, swelling, and range of motion. The tape “lifts” the skin in the area and the inflammation, pain and swelling decrease as range of motion increases. 

What areas on the body can kinesio tape help? 

I have taped many areas for many different complaints. I have taped patients that have low back pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, carpal tunnel(wrists), neck pain, hip pain, knee pain and chest pain to name a few. 

Does kinesio tape really work? 

I have used kinesio taping as an adjunct to my practice. I have used it very successfully in post-surgical patients, patients that have experienced a sports injury and post auto accident patients. My patients are skeptical at first but cannot believe the results after a session of kinesio taping and request “to be taped” again.