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Auto Injury and Medical Payments

Many of our patients come to us at our office in Tarzana CA after they have been in an auto accident or bike accident. With injuries from ranging from neck pain to shoulder pain and back pain, headaches, knee pain, wrist pain and chest pain, they can get relief with treatment from Dr. Steven Perry, Chiropractor.  In some instances, our patients do not have uninsured motorists coverage on their auto insurance and the other cars in the accident may not have auto insurance and therefore coverage may not exist. Therefore, payment is required from our patient to pay for treatment that is medically necessary.

I like to tell my patients the advantages of medical payments with their auto coverage. If they have this coverage, depending on their coverage, they can receive the care they need without the hassle of paying out of pocket even if the accident is their fault.  It is easy as talking to your auto specialist about the cost and different coverages for medical payments you may be able to purchase from your auto agent. Do not be caught without this coverage. It may help you get back in good health if you are in an accident. If you are in a car or bike accident and you have questions about your auto insurance coverage for your medical payment coverage please give my office a call at (818) 881-2225 at Dr. Steven Perry, Chiropractor, Tarzana, CA.

Dr. Steve Perry D.C.

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