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Good Night, Sleep Tight!

Good Night! Sleep Tight!

Many of my patients come in complaining of neck pain and back pain.  Neck and back pain can be a result of many different things, but chiropractic care can help!

Not only will chiropractic care help but looking at the way you sleep is important. I go over instructions on proper sleeping positions with my patients.  First I instruct my patients never to sleep on the stomach. Sleeping on your stomach causes irritation to the exiting nerves in your neck and cause ligament instability. This can cause chronic neck pain or even chronic headaches. I recommend sleeping on your side or your back.  If you sleep on your side, you want your head to be level to your bed. A large pillow or too small of a pillow can present a problem causing a pinched nerve. Your pillow should be firm enough to support your neck so that your muscles do not have to work the entire night to support your neck.   Side sleepers should have a pillow in between their legs so to not twist the lower back. If you sleep on your back put your legs up on pillows that are supportive.

In my Tarzana office, I sell pillows. Not every pillow fits everyone and not every pillow is comfortable for everyone.  Call us today at (818) 881-2225 for a free consultation and bring in your pillow for an evaluation and find the best way to get a good night of restful sleep!

Dr. Steve Perry D.C.

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