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What are Chiropractors and what do they treat?


Chiropractors treat subluxations to help the misalignment of a vertebra causing irritation to the neve root. Subluxation is the term for misalignments of the spine that cause compression and irritation of nerve pathways, affecting the body's and its organs. Subluxations are an example of physical nerve stress that affects neuronal control.  Stressful conditions can lead to altered measures of immune function and an increased susceptibility to a variety of diseases. Spinal manipulation is an effective way to treat tension headaches and migraine that begin usually in the neck. Chiropractors can treat back pain. Chiropractor release muscle tension and nerve irritation, that can cause all different types of symptoms. As neuromusculoskeletal specialists, chiropractors can treat back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and pain from musculoskeletal injuries.  Sometimes stomach problems and breathing problems can be helped by a chiropractic adjustment.  Chiropractors can also reduce a patient’s pain by spinal adjustments that increase the mobility between the vertebrae which may be locked or out of alignment.  This can reduce the pain and increase range of motion. Chiropractic is safe and effective. Regular chiropractic care can reduce or eliminate the source of your pain, allowing you to resume your normal activities and to remain more flexible.

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