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Dr. Steven Perry’s advised about elbow pain

The elbow is a part of your arm that comprises bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Your elbow flexes and straightens.   Both of these actions are important for instance bathing or putting your arm into a sweater. Using your elbow to open a door are essential to have full flexion and straightening of your elbow.

Why do you experience elbow pain?  A common cause is inflammation of the tendons of the elbow.  This can be attributed to over use.  Repetitive motions could be of the elbow from tennis (tennis elbow), golf (golfer’s elbow), or bursitis or arthritis just to name a few.

If you experience elbow pain, you can try some home remedies.  You can stop the activity that is causing the pain and rest.  You can apply heat and ice alternatively. You can try stretching the elbow.  You may also want to buy an elbow brace.  If those procedures do not work

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