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How to Manage Neck and Back Pain From Working At Home

As the world battles COVID-19, more and more of us have begun to work from home. While there are many benefits of working from home (midday walks and more time with your children), working from home can also lead to horrible back and neck pain. Here are a few tips to make working from home easier on your back and neck.


  1. Create a permanent and comfortable workspace. While it is nice to work on the couch or in bed, these positions cause strain on your neck and often cause you to hunch forward which leads to neck and back pain. Instead, invest in a comfortable chair and desk space to recreate an office environment at home—this will not only help with your neck and back pain but also with your productivity!


  1. Take breaks to stretch. While working long hours in front of a screen, your neck muscles are often tense. Taking a break to stretch your legs or to walk around your house can lead to pain relief. 


  1. Try working standing up. Create a make-shift standing desk by working from your kitchen countertop. Spending just a few minutes every hour standing instead of in the same seated position can relieve some of the neck and back pain.


Using these simple tricks can relieve a lot of pain. Chiropractic is also a great way to relieve neck and back pain. Call us today for a free consultation at (818) 881 BACK or visit us at our Tarzana, CA location, near Reseda and Van Nuys! 

Dr. Steve Perry D.C.

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